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billing  certified  physician  NW Physician Billing  patient  medical billing  medical biller  credentialing  claimsOur goal is to make it as easy on the physician as
possible so they can concentrate on patient care, not
the endless amounts of paperwork that seems to be
coming at them from every angle. They need to be able
to rely on experienced people that know their job.
We know billing and we know what the doctors are
going through. We want them to know they can rely
on us.

Getting our doctors claims out accurately the first time so they can count on a quick reimbursement is priority.“

                                                                       Teresa Underwood, CMRS
                                                                       Owner &CEO
                                                                           Certified Medical
                                                                           Reimbursement Specialist
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 billing  certified  physician  NW Physician Billing  patient  medical billing  medical biller  credentialing  claimsAbout Us
If you're visiting our site, you are probably searching for a billing service. An experienced, high-quality billing service to be exact.
Well, look no further. The
expectations you desire are here.
NW Physician Billing is
experienced in a number of
specialties including Internal Medicine, Physical Therapy,
Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Mental Health & Midwifery (among others) and
to set us apart from many other billing companies, we're certified.
Members of the National & Local AMBA Chapter (American Medical Billing
Association),  we take great pride in keeping up to date on the latest changes in billing procedures in an ever changing profession.
Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss your needs or fill out our Provider Questionnaire Form and we will reply within 48 hours (excluding weekends &
Thanks again for visiting! We know it's not a decision you take lightly when it comes
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Give us the chance to talk to you and let us show you what we know. We'll leave you
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Reach Full Reimbursement Potential

Do you realize that approximately one-fourth of all medical practice income is lost due to Under Pricing, Under Coding, Missed Charges or UN-reimbursable Claims? That's right, hundreds of millions of dollars is lost annually due to medical billing errors.

Is your practice one of thousands of practices that is not receiving full reimbursement for the services performed. You may be surprised, approximately 25% of all chart audits contain coding errors resulting in non-payment.

Our Full Service Management Process

-Verification of Benefits (VOB) *

- Patient Demographics Entered

-CPT & ICD-9 Coding

-Charge Entry

-Claim Submission

-Payment Posting

-A/R Follow Up

-Denial Management


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Canby, OR 97013
p- 503.678.3001

* Verification of Benefits is an optional extra service. *